To complete the booking process for your Machu Picchu Ticket, attach your identification document on the form

To continue with the process of booking your Machu Picchu Ticket, please complete the form and attach a digital copy of your ID documents.

Form to Attach Documents

The documents to be attached are the following:

  • In case of being an adult, in general, you must attach the document with which you identify in the reservation you made, it can be: Passport, D.N.I, Identity Documents, Alien Registration Card or the valid identification document issued by your country.
  • If you are a student, you must attach a copy of your University Student ID Card and your personal identity document (Passport, National Identity Card, etc.).
  • In the case of minors, a copy of their identity document (Passport, National Identity Card, etc.) must be attached.

NOTE: A copy of the documents of all the persons included in the reservation must be attached.

The digital copy can be an image or photograph of your identity document. It can also be a scanned copy. The accepted formats are JPEG, JPG, PNG; compressed files with .RAR and .ZIP extensions and PDF format. The maximum size of the entire file or files must not exceed 10 MB.


  • This process is carried out in order to identify and secure the data of your reservation.
  • In the case of students, the copy of your student card allows you to prove this condition, and so you can access the respective discount.
  • In case of minors it allows to verify their age and access the respective discount.

Security and protection of your data and documents

  • The document or documents that you send will only be used to make the correct issuance of your ticket and to make the respective identification when generating your Machu Picchu ticket before the corresponding official entities (Ministry of Culture of Peru and SUNAT).
  • The sending of your documents are duly protected, by Internet security certificates such as SSL. When entering our website you are in a secure environment (green security lock in the browser’s address bar).
  • The documents sent and the data found in them will be used only for the purpose of generating your Machu Picchu Ticket. Under no circumstances will they be used for other purposes.