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The Energy of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu was an Inca citadel ordered to be built by Emperor Pachacutec in the 15th century as an urban and religious center dedicated to the sun. The ‘Inti’ (sun in the Quechua language) was the main deity according to the Inca worldview. In Machupicchu, stone enclosures were built to receive the sun’s rays and its energy. Today, after visiting the archaeological site, many tourists say they feel a special energy. Is it true or myth that the Inca citadel radiates energy? Learn more!

energy of Machu picchu

The energy of Machu Picchu

The energy of Machu Picchu, truth or myth?

The energy of the area is perceptible in many places in Cusco, such as Sacsayhuaman, the Sacred Valley of the Incas or the surrounding mountains.

However, the energy that can be felt in Machu Picchu is more than incredible. Some call it a supernatural phenomenon. But, did you know that there are places in Machu Picchu where you can feel this energy more strongly?

The place where Machu Picchu is built was chosen with great care, and the structures built inside were organized and built with extreme detail.

There are some places in the city where you can feel this energy without any effort. It will suffice to put your hands a few centimeters from the already well-known sources of energy; although it is also possible to perceive the energy that flows through all the people who are in your environment.

Where does the power of Machu Picchu come from?

Ancient cultures built many of the most important sacred places, and in which a great amount of energy can be felt; some of them are delineated by geodesic lines, which cross the most impressive places on the planet; the Pyramids of Egypt, the Lost City of Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

Likewise, the main Mayan cities have their own geodesic lines; but the incredible Inca city of Machu Picchu has its own. It is the so-called Wiracocha route and it crosses the Inca city and some of the most important Inca sites in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The energy of Machu Picchu comes from a very powerful “energy vortex”, Kundalini energy of the great mother (Mother Earth), “Pachamama” for the Incas.

This energy was already in other parts of the world before; mythical places like Lemuiria or Atlantis, but also from places like the Himalayas, sacred places in India and Tibet.

But now this energy is in the heart of the Andes, in the sacred city of the Incas, “Machu Picchu”.

What we can assure is that the energy of Machu Picchu attracts millions of people from all over the world every year. This energy is similar to that which is present in the human body, known as the “Chakras”.

As you enter the Inca city, you will be able to feel a tranquility and spiritual peace that is difficult to describe.

Is the energy of Machu Picchu real?
Machu Picchu was a citadel and religious center that worshiped the sun, the god ‘Inti’. Its stone constructions were made in the upper parts to receive the sun’s rays. For specialists, the stone could absorb solar energy for many centuries, which would produce solar energy in contact with man. The most energetic temples would be the Temple of the Sun, the Intihuatana, the Intipunku, the Sacred Rock and the Temple of the Moon.

Spiritual journey to Machu Picchu

More and more people around the world are seeking spiritual experiences, and Machu Picchu is simply the most incredible place to do it.

There are millions of people in search of the energy of Machu Picchu, but there are also millions who have already experienced the incredible energy in the Inca citadel.

You can find thousands of comments from people from all over the world, talking about what they felt in Machu Picchu. Some speak of an energy that recharges, others of a surprising mystical environment.

What they all felt was the energy of Machu Picchu; In fact, there are many people who describe the Inca citadel as a place with totally perceptible and fascinating electromagnetism.

Highest energy points in Machu Picchu

The Intihuatana

  • The Intihuatana is a sundial carved from a single block of stone. Its corners are aligned with the 4 cardinal points and it is one of the points that emit energy; known as the stone that radiates energy.
  • People who visited the Inca city of Machu Picchu could place their hands on the stone and feel the incredible energy that it radiates.
  • At present you will not be able to touch it, because it is cordoned off and it is prohibited. But it doesn’t matter, you will still be able to feel its energy, just bring your hands a few centimeters from the stone to feel it.
  • “There are many, many people who have felt the energy of Machu Picchu by putting their hands near the Intihuatana.”

The sacred rock

  • The Incas put large rocks in the centers of their plazas. These might not be carved, but they were the representation of nature, of mother earth in its purest state.
  • The sacred square of Machu Picchu had a rock that was removed twice. To use the square as a heliport on one occasion for the kings of Spain and another for the leaders of the Andean Community of Nations.
  • In this last opportunity the stone was destroyed and buried very close – incredible truth –. Another of these monoliths can still be seen at Machu Picchu, just before entering the Huayna Picchu Mountain.
  • This stone, known as the Sacred Rock, is another of the most energetic points in Machu Picchu. But beyond the energy that you can feel in this stone, which is also cordoned off and that you will not be able to touch either.
  • The Sacred Rock was carved by the Incas following the shape of a mountain, one of the protective gods of the Incas (called ‘apus’). Until today some tourists leave offerings of coca leaves to buildings like that.

The energy of Machu Picchu: testimonials

“I was skeptical about a stone that emits energy” ; was the comment written by a British traveler on TripAdvisor in 2008. Comment with reference to the Intihuatana (huge monolith carved in stone).

Then he continues: “It is one of the most important sites in the Inca City of Machu Picchu, a lithic relic that served as a sundial, or so archaeologists have long believed. The British traveler continues his comment: “…when you put your hands on it, it feels cold, but if you run your palms a few inches above the stone and you are able to make your mind blank… My hands began to feel a warmth and tingling sensation that spilled over into my arms. I got a little scared, so I stopped. But I felt full of energy, despite walking all day since 05:00 a.m., I couldn’t sleep that night as I was full of energy.

In 1983, actress Shirley MacLaine published Out on a Limb, an autobiography recounting her experiences in New Age philosophy. After a visit to Peru, MacLaine talks about herself as an Inca princess in a past life. The book became a Best Seller, even taking it to the screens, in a miniseries in 1987.

Map: Intihuatana and Sacred Rock in Machu Picchu

Questions and answers about the energy of Machu Picchu

  • ¿Machu Picchu irradia la energía del sol?
    Machu Picchu fue un centro urbano y religioso donde se le rendía culto al sol, la principal deidad inca. Hoy se cree que los visitantes pueden sentir la energía del sol durante su tour por la ciudadela inca.
  • Does Machu Picchu radiate energy from the sun?
    Machu Picchu was an urban and religious center where the sun, the main Inca deity, was worshiped. Today it is believed that visitors can feel the energy of the sun during their tour of the Inca citadel.
  • What is the Intihuatana? Does it radiate energy?
    The Intihuatana is an Inca construction made of stone that received the sun’s rays. Its name means ‘where the sun is tied (or tied). It is believed that by bringing their hands closer the tourists receive the energy of the sun.
  • What is the Sacred Rock? Does it radiate energy?
    The Sacred Rock is a large stone monolith carved in the shape of a mountain, one of the main Inca gods. It is believed that by bringing their hands closer, tourists receive energy from the ‘apus’ (gods of the mountains).
  • Are there spiritual tours to Machu Picchu?
    Although there are not many, there are a few spiritual tours to Machu Picchu. These can be found in a tourism agency online.
  • Can I do religious ceremonies in Machu Picchu?

    Machu Picchu is a sacred place. However, for good control, group religious ceremonies are not allowed. Individual meditations or leaving offerings of coca leaves (sacred plant of the Incas) are allowed.

  • When is the best time to feel the energy of the sun in Machu Picchu?
    Any day of the year is the right one to feel the energy that Machu Picchu radiates. From April to October, the rains are less frequent, which allows you to better feel the energy of the sun. In addition, June 24 is the winter equinox (in the southern hemisphere). That day the sun is closer to the Earth, which makes it a special date to feel the energy of the sun.
  • Is it allowed to touch the temples of Machu Picchu?
    No, currently it is forbidden to touch the temples of Machu Picchu. A few years ago it was allowed to do so, especially in temples such as the Intihuatana or the Sacred Rock.
  • 8. How old is Machu Picchu?
    Machu Picchu is a sacred place that was ordered to be built by Emperor Pachacutec in the 15th century. Therefore, it is more than 500 years old.

Advice from people who have been there


 Carlos M By: Carlos M

“Go early as it is open from 8 am to 10 am“

“I heard hundreds of times about the energy of Machu Picchu, but I was always skeptical. When I was in Machu Picchu I felt something strange in me, it is the emotion of being in the incredible city of Machu Picchu, in one of the most incredible places in the world, I said; But then I approached the Intihuatana. Visit Machu Picchu at least once in your life, it is the humble recommendation of a transformed skeptic. That day I also felt the energy of Machu Picchu.“


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