Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu Tour All Included ‘Full Day’

Machu Picchu Tour All Included 'Full Day'

Paisaje alrededor del Huayna Picchu
Camino al Huayna Picchu
Turistas descendiendo del Huayna Picchu
Cima del Huayna Picchu
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Huayna Picchu (2,720 masl) is a mountain that is located within the Inca City of Machu Picchu. Climbing to the top of this summit is considered one of the most incredible short walks in the world. Walk ancient Inca trails to the edge of frightening ravines. It is one of the most popular adventures among tourists from around the world.

  • Duration: 19 hours
  • Guided tour in English or Spanish.
  • Entrance to Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu.
  • Pick up from the tourist at the door of your hotel.
  • Transport by train and bus.
  • Fast payment by credit or debit card.
  • Instant booking


Visiting Machu Picchu is even more exciting if you also climb the famous Waynapicchu mountain, the summit where the most spectacular adventure of the Inca city takes place. The Machu Picchu + Waynapicchu All Inclusive Tour is the easiest way to visit both attractions, a tour that gives you everything you need to live this fantastic trip.

Everything that includes the Full Day Tour Machu Picchu + Waynapicchu

Visiting Huayna Picchu in a single day requires maximum organization. The tour offers round trip transportation to Cusco by Sprinter, train trip to Ollantaytambo (round trip), bus trip to Machu Picchu (roundtrip), tour guide service and entrance to Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu. Everything to enjoy your trip without worry.

Pick up from the hotel door

In the early hours of the morning, a minivan will pick up each tourist at the door of his hotel in Cusco. The beginning of the adventure.

Transfer to and from the train station in Ollantaytambo

The transfer is in a minivan with comfortable seats and large windows to better appreciate the landscapes of the Sacred Valley of the Incas during the trip. The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Travel by train ‘Expedition’ round trip to Aguas Calientes

The ‘Expedition’ train departs from Ollantaytambo station to the town of Aguas Calientes. On a comfortable trip with large window cars to enjoy the beautiful view of the journey. It takes almost 2 hours.

Return trip by bus Aguas Calientes - Machu

These buses cover the route Aguas Calientes - Machu Picchu and vice versa. The buses are ecological. The trip is on the slopes of a steep mountain and takes about 30 minutes.

Entrance ticket Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu

This entrance includes the entrance to the Inca City of Machu Picchu as well as the famous Huayna Picchu mountain. Reaching the top of this summit is one of the most amazing adventures in the world.

Tour guide service in English or Spanish

The tour guides are professionals with extensive experience doing tours in Machu Picchu. They offer guided tours in English and Spanish (in shared service) as well as French and Portuguese (in private service).

Is it difficult to visit the Huayna Picchu mountain?

Climbing the Waynapicchu mountain has a 'medium-moderate' difficulty. In total 2 kilometers are ascending steep trails (ends in some sections). The ascent is 300 meters. This adventure is not recommended to tourists who have a phobia of heights. Admission is only allowed to those over 12 years old.


Get all these great benefits, which will allow you to have a quiet, safe and comfortable trip, at the best price, so you can make the most of the tour. Permanent assistance, always thinking about your well-being.

Authorized Tourism Agency

Machu Picchu Terra is a tourism agency authorized and accredited by the Ministry of Culture of Peru with code AUT00115. With many years of experience doing tours to Machu Picchu as well as the main attractions of Cusco.

Assistance throughout your trip

You can make use of personalized assistance before, during and after the tour in all our service channels. The telephone number is 084 207064. The email is And also through social networks.

Tour cancellation option

The Tour offers the option of cancellation after payment. You only have to apply for the procedure in advance.

Special Discounts

The Service offers discounts for university students and citizens of the Andean Community. You should only send a digital image showing your updated university card when making your reservation.

Buffet lunch service (optional)

The tour offers the option (for an additional fee) of a delicious buffet lunch at the Tinkuy restaurant (Belmond hotel chain), the only one located at the entrance to Machu Picchu.

You can re-enter Machu Picchu

If you were left wanting to see more in Machu Picchu, the tour allows you to re-enter the Inca citadel by presenting your ticket at the entrance door, so you can enjoy some more time in the sacred city of the Incas. An exclusive benefits of the Machu Picchu + Waynapicchu All Inclusive Tour. Keep in mind that you will be able to enter Machu Picchu again after finishing the tour of the Waynapicchu mountain.


Prices include special discounts for university students as well as tourists from Peru, Colombia, Ecuador or Bolivia. To access these benefits, only a digital copy of the university card or passport must be sent to the email

Discount for students

University students have access to a special discount. To do this you must send an email with the valid university card and the passport (or identity document).

Discounts for the Andean Community

Foreigners from Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia have access to a special discount. To obtain this benefit you must send an email with your passport, identity card or immigration card.

Discount for Peruvians

Peruvian citizens also get a special discount on the tour. For this, they must send an email showing the identity document that certifies the nationality of the visitor.


The 'adult' price includes a discount for university students as well as citizens of Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. In addition, university students from these countries get an even higher discount.

ForeignAndean Community
Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador
Machu Picchu All-Included 1 day305.00 USD285.00 USD275.00 USD255.00 USD


In the Inca City of Machu Picchu you can observe incredible Inca constructions. The Intihuatana, the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the 3 Windows are just some of them. In addition to the great adventure that means climbing the Waynapicchu mountain, in it you can observe some unique structures that can only be observed there, such as the Temple of the Moon.

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Temple of the Moon

The Temple of the Moon is a mysterious Inca enclosure built in the middle of a cavern. It is located inside the Huayna Picchu mountain.

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The Waynapicchu mountain is the summit located north of Machu Picchu. It is considered one of the best short walks in the world.

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Sun Temple

The Temple of the Sun is one of the most important Inca buildings. This enclosure receives the rays of the sun, maximum Inca deity.

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The Intihuatana is one of the most popular buildings in Machu Picchu. It is believed that when you put your hand in this structure, you feel a special energy.

✔ Temple of the Condor. ✔ Temple of the 3 Windows. ✔ Main Temple. ✔ Sacred Square. ✔ Sacred Rock ✔ Water mirrors. ✔ Jails. ✔ Canteras ✔ Sources. ✔ Temple of the Dead. ✔ Platforms. ✔ The Guardian's house.


The adventure begins very early to take one of the first trains to Machu Picchu. Once in Aguas Calientes we will visit the Inca City of Machu Picchu in the company of our tour guide. Then we will climb the Huayna Picchu mountain on our own. The return is for the same way as the one-way trip.

Transfer to the train station
The journey starts very early. The transport will pick you up from the door of your hotel to board the first trains heading to Machu Picchu in Ollantaytambo station.
Travel by train to Aguas Calientes
On board the 'Expedition' train we will appreciate the beautiful landscapes of the Sacred Valley of the Incas until arriving at the Aguas Calientes station. There an assistant will drive you to the ecological bus station in the direction of Machu Picchu.
Bus to Machu Picchu
We will climb uphill on mountainous roads in a short trip on an ecological bus to Machu Picchu.
Guided tour of Machu Picchu
Our tour guide will explain Machu Picchu's main precincts for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Guidance will stop at the entrance gate to the Huayna Picchu mountain.
Visit to the mountain Huayna Picchu
In Huayna Picchu you will travel on your own the challenging Inca roads that are there. From the top you can appreciate one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Inca City.
You can continue with your visit in Machu Picchu
After your tour of Waynapicchu, if you wish, you can re-enter Machu Picchu to continue with your visit to the Inca citadel, an exclusive benefit of this tour.
Lunch in Machu Picchu
After finishing your visit, tourists who chose the buffet lunch option, will go to the Tinkuy restaurant, which is located at the entrance of the Inca city. Other visitors may have lunch on their own or shop in the town of Aguas Calientes.
Return to Aguas Calientes
After this incredible adventure we will return to the town of Aguas Calientes on the ecological bus.
Free time in Aguas Calientes
With the remaining time, the tourist can tour the town or make purchases in the craft market on their own.
Return to Cusco
Finally we will return by train 'Expedition' to Ollantaytambo and from there on a shared transport to the Plaza San Francisco in Cusco (just a few meters from the Plaza de Armas).


The tour offers the option of buffet lunch in Machu Picchu, the place is the Tinkuy restaurant, which belongs to the renowned Belmond hotel chain and with a unique and unique location, a few steps from the entrance of the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. The buffet has typical Peruvian dishes as well as international food, good atmosphere, excellent view and great attention.

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Peruvian and international dishes

Buffet of great variety with dishes of exquisite Peruvian food, as well as international food. Vegetarian options for those who want it.

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Unique location at the entrance to Machu Picchu

The Tinkuy restaurant is located at the entrance of the Machu Picchu citadel. Being the only restaurant that is located there.

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Entrances, salads, desserts and drinks

In addition to the main dishes, there are a variety of snacks, salads, fruits, desserts and hot and cold drinks, all included.

Learn more about the Machu Picchu Solo Ticket

Excellent attention

The quality of care is the best. The staff belongs to the Belmond hotel chain.

Buffet lunch is optional. It is highly recommended due to the quality of service of the Tinkuy restaurant. The cost is $ 20 per visitor and must be booked 2 or 3 weeks before. If visitors choose this option, the cost will be added and included in the tour price.



Huayna Picchu is 300 meters above Machu Picchu. The climate in both places is semi tropical with a lot of fluvial precipitations. The best time to visit them is during the dry season (April to October). The average temperature is 16ºC.

Perú, Machu Picchu

Probabilidad de lluvia

What to take to Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu?

For Machu Picchu You must wear sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, rain poncho and comfortable hiking clothes. In addition, trekking shoes, water in a canteen, and a camera should be worn for the Waynapicchu.

When is the best time to go to Waynapicchu?

In truth, any time is the right one to visit the Huayna Picchu mountain. However, during the months of November to March, it usually rains a lot. Thus, the dry season (April to October) is a good time to go.


These are some of the most recurrent questions asked by our visitors who already knew Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu. If you have any questions, please contact us at You can also call us at 084 - 207064.

1) Is entering the mountain Huayna Picchu suitable for tourists of all ages?

No. The visit to Huayna Picchu is only allowed to tourists over 12 years old.

2) How long is the guiding service in Machu Picchu?

The guided service through Machu Picchu lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to the point of entry to the mountain Huayna Picchu.

3) How long before booking the tour?

The tour must be booked 2 or 3 months in advance. This in order to find availability for the entrance Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu.

4) Is the ascent to Huayna Picchu in the company of the tour guide?

No. The tour only includes the tour guide company within the Inca City of Machu Picchu.

5) Are the schedules fixed?

The tour has an approximate schedule. The entrance and exit to Machu Picchu can be a few minutes before or after. However, departures of trains have a fixed schedule. Otherwise the outward or return journey will be lost.