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Restaurants and more in Aguas Calientes
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Where to eat in Machu Picchu Pueblo?

Most hotels and lodgings in Aguas Calientes offer a menu with local and international food for their guests. In addition, throughout the town, you can find Peruvian food restaurants at affordable prices as well as pizzerias and more.

To make your experience complete, consider some of the options that we present below.

Fast food

Pizza – Most restaurants in Aguas Calientes include pizzas on their menu. Try the different combinations.

    Restaurants: Inti House, Cala Tratoria, Julian Restaurant.

Mexican tacos – There are a lot of Mexican restaurants in Machu Picchu town. All include the tacos as well as other dishes such as burritos, tequeños, quesadillas and nachos with guacamole.

    Restaurants: Inka Grill House, Kintu Restaurant.

Hamburgers – In the town there are hamburgers with meat, chicken, alpaca and even quinoa. There are also options for vegetarians. Most tourists combine burgers with craft beer.

    Restaurants: El Mapi by Inkaterra, Mapacho Craft Beer, Fabrizzio’s Restaurant.

Burritos – The Mexican burrito is one of the favorite fast food dishes for tourists in Aguas Calientes. It can be found in both Mexican restaurants and pizzerias.

    Restaurants: Inka Grill House, Centenario Restaurant.

Mediterranean food and grills

Grilled AlpacaThe alpaca is a very common domestic camelid in the cuisine of Cusco. It is a good healthy option, since it has a minimum of fat. Grilled alpaca is one of the favorite dishes of visitors.

    Restaurants: Tinkuy Buffet Restaurant, Cala Tratoria.

Grilled lamb – Grilled lamb is a classic dish that is included in most restaurants in Aguas Calientes. The sauce that accompanies it includes some Andean products such as huacatay.

    Restaurants: El Indio Feliz Restaurant.

Tenderloin carpaccio – This traditional barbecue dish can also be prepared with Andean ingredients, such as alpaca or trout.

    Restaurants: Ylla Fusion, Mapacho Craft Beer.

Lasagna and spaghetti – There are not many Italian restaurants in Machu Picchu town. Lasagna is one of the favorite dishes. You can combine it with a good wine.

    Restaurants: Inti House, Full House Craft Beer.

Quinoa risotto – Most restaurants offer the traditional risotto using quinoa. This dish, in addition to being delicious, is a source of many nutrients. It can also be combined with mushrooms.

    Restaurants: Cala Tratoria, Toto’s House.

Ragu of meat or chicken – In Aguas Calientes it is possible to taste a delicious ragout of meat or chicken in a Mediterranean restaurant. The sauce may vary by restaurant.

    Restaurants: Cala Tratoria.

Peruvian food

CevichePeruvian flag dish made from fish marinated in lemon. It is usually accompanied with lettuce, sweet potato or corn. In Cusco restaurants it is usually prepared with trout.

    Restaurants: Indio Feliz Restaurant, Tinkuy Buffet Restaurant.

Lomo saltado – One of the most popular dishes in Peru. It is prepared based on beef, French fries and rice. It also includes onion and tomato. In Cusco it is also usually prepared based on alpaca meat.

    Restaurants: Julian Restaurant, Inti House.

Lomo Saltado
Lomo Saltado

Causa Rellena – Causa Rellena is a typical entree of Peruvian cuisine. The main ingredient is the yellow potato. It also includes mayonnaise, lemon, yellow pepper, chicken (or tuna), and carrots.

    Restaurants: Mapacho Craft Beer, El Mapi by Inkaterra.

Timpu – Soup with a delicious flavor, prepared by boiling a beef brisket, lamb’s head, bacon as well as cabbage, potatoes, moraya (dehydrated white potato), chickpeas, rice, sweet potatoes, peaches, pears and yuccas. It is served by separating the broth from the other ingredients.

    Restaurants: Julian Restaurant.

Chuño ColaDish dating from the time of the Incas. Delicious stew made with the boil of beef or lamb broth as well as rice, chickpeas, potatoes, wheat and chuño flour. This last ingredient is the potato soaked exposed to the cold and then dried in the sun.

    Restaurants: Indio Feliz Restaurant.

Kapchi Cheese – Favorite dish in the months of November and December. It is prepared with green beans, potatoes, milk, eggs, cheese and chili. It is served with cooked rice.

    Restaurants: The Tree House Restaurant.

Pepián de cuy – Delicious stew prepared with pieces of guinea pig fried in plenty of oil. It is accompanied with a dressing of onion, red pepper and peanuts. Additionally, rice and boiled potatoes are served.

    Restaurants: Chef House Peruvian Food.

Chicharrón con moteCharacteristic dish of the Andean peoples. It is prepared with cooked pork (it is fried in its own fat). It is served with shelled corn, potatoes and an onion salad with good herb leaves.

    Restaurants: Julian Restaurant, Chef House Peruvian Food.

Humita – Corn flour based tamales that can be sweet or salty. They are usually served without any sauce.

    Restaurants: Ylla Fusion, Cabaña de Gabriel Restaurant.

Saralawa – Delicious soup made from fresh corn, lima beans, dried yellow pepper, and huacatay (native herb).

    Restaurants: Chef House Peruvian Food.

Adobo – Typical dish of the Peruvian Andes prepared with pork seasoned with chicha de jora and spices. It is cooked in a clay pot with onions and hot peppers.

    Restaurants: El Mapi by Inkaterra.


Vegetarian and vegan food

Totilla de patatas – A fairly widespread dish in vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Peru has the greatest diversity of potatoes in the world so this dish can be a novel experience.

    Restaurants: Indio Feliz Restaurant.

Dumplings – A dessert made of dough and fruit. In Aguas Calientes it can be found in vegetarian and vegan restaurants or in cafes – patisseries.

    Restaurants: Chullpi Machu Picchu Restaurant.

Vegetarian burgers – Vegetarian burgers are very popular in the restaurants of Machu Picchu town. One of the main ingredients is quinoa.

    Restaurants: The Tree House Restaurant, Mapacho Craft Beer.

Vegetable soup – Dish widely used by the families of Cusco. You can include different vegetables such as carrots, squash, broccoli, potatoes and other ingredients.

    Restaurants: Indio Feliz Restaurant, Govinda Restaurant.


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