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Huayna Picchu Mountain or Young Mountain

The mountain Huayna Picchu, quechua word translated into spanish means Young Mountain. Located at 2,693 m.s.n.m. north of the Inca City as part of the Andean foothills. It is well known, it is the mountain in the background of most of panoramic photos of Machu Picchu.

On top of this mountain you can see constructions on the brink of deeps over 300 m, which were used for crop species probably considered sacred. Also archaeological sites is observed, as the Temple of the Moon built in a natural cave, where caves, niches and hornacinas are observed; in front of this temple, terraces of more than 50 meters in length and 2 meters high; also they found remains of buildings that were part of what might have been an astronomical observatory, as well as being a point of guardianship Inca City.

From Huayna Picchu can be seen the City of Machu Picchu, located 400 meters down, the view shows the access and the network of roads that surround it. The path of ascent to this young mountain is in zigzag, its carved rock stairs, arranged almost vertically, with cliffs that cause vertigo, in ascend that lasts one hour and a half approximately (time that varies, according to the physical condition of the person). The top of this mountain will allow get stunning views, as the slope of the Urubamba river, with a variety of green hues, the white background of the snowy peaks of the Andes Mountains.

What includes Ticket Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu Group 2?

This type of ticket allows you to visit:

  • The citadel of Machu Picchu which has as main attractions: Intiwatana Temple of the Three Windows, Sun Temple, Temple of the Condor, Main Plaza, Agricultural Zone.
  • The Huayna Picchu Mountain has some archaeological sites such as the Temple of the Moon, Andenerías carefully constructed on top of the mountain.

The entry schedule of Huayna Picchu second group is 10:00 to 11:00 hours.

For those travelers who want to climb the Huayna Picchu mountain, are advised to purchase the Ticket in advance, the Ticket Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu Second group, is one that sold out more often, due to the great interest of hundreds of tourist to ascend to this mountain and by the limited number of spaces are available for sale.

El recorrido en esta montaña tiene una duración aproximada de 3 horas (subida y bajada), es una aventura extraordinaria. El escalar el Huayna Picchu supone un gran reto, que valdrá la pena llegar a la cima. La belleza de esta montaña, hace que su visita sea casi obligatoria, sobretodo para aquellos que deseen un recuerdo inolvidable, y una vista impresionante de la Ciudad Inca de Machu Picchu.

Considera que la capacidad máxima para subir a Huayna Picchu en el Grupo 2 es de 200 personas por día.


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