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Ticket of the Religious Circuit of Cusco
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How to buy the Ticket Religious Circuit Cusco?

The CRA is the Ticket of Religious Circuit: Cathedral, Temple of San Blas, Archbishop’s Museum and the Temple of San Cristobal.

In these four places you can appreciate works of religious art of the sixteenth and seventeenth century belonging to the Cusco School.

Paintings with religious themes and pagans with carved cedar wood, pulpits, ashlar, choirs; All works of art by artists from Cusco with European influences.

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Rates CRA

The tourist ticket for the religious circuit varies according to the type of adult / student visitor; listed below:

Ticket Religious Circuit Cusco

Ticket IntegralPEN S/. 30.00PEN S/. 15.00
Ticket CatedralPEN S/. 25.00PEN S/. 12.50
Ticket San BlasPEN S/. 10.00PEN S/. 5.00
Ticket Museo ArzobispalPEN S/. 10.00PEN S/. 5.00
Ticket Templo San CristobalPEN S/. 10.00PEN S/. 5.00


Children under 8 are free. Children 8-16 years pay as students, with due accreditation of valid Student ID Card.


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