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Huayna Picchu Mountain: questions and answers

The Huayna Picchu mountain is one of the most popular destinations in Cusco. The popularity of this mountain has grown so much that if you want to get a ticket you must buy the ticket months in advance. Is it difficult to cross the mountain? Can the children do the walk? Learn about the questions and answers most requested by visitors interested in visiting this place.

Huayna Picchu Mountain
Huayna Picchu, the most desired attraction in Machu Picchu

To visit the Huayna Picchu mountain you must buy the entrance ticket online, 3 or 4 months in advance. The ticket, in addition to Huaynapicchu, allows you to visit the Inca city of Machu Picchu. If you did not find availability, choose to visit the Machupicchu mountain, an adventure similar to the Huaynapicchu.

1. How many people can enter the mountain each day?

The narrow paths of the Huaynapicchu can only be used by one person at a time. This means that only 400 people can visit the Huayna Picchu every day.

2. When to book the Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu tickets?

All tickets for Machu Picchu have to be reserved a few weeks in advance. However, the entrance ticket Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu runs out much earlier so it must be purchased online 3 months in advance.

3. How long before booking the tickets in high tourist season?

The high season of tourism occurs between May and September. During this period all tickets must be reserved in advance. Ticket Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu must be purchased 4 months before or even more.

4. Who can climb the Huayna Picchu mountain?

Tickets to Huayna Picchu can only be purchased to be used by people over 12 years old.

5. What time to choose to climb the mountain?

There are 3 hours of entry to the mountain: Group 1 (to Machupicchu from 6 am and Huaynapicchu from 7 to 8 am). Group 2 (to Machupicchu from 7 am and Huaynapicchu from 7 to 8 am). Group 3 (to Machupicchu from 8 am and Huaynapicchu from 10.30 and 11.30 am). If you decide to spend the night in Aguas Calientes choose Group 1 or Group 2. If you come from Cusco, choose Group 3.

6. I am afraid of heights. Can I go up to Huayna Picchu?

If you suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights), it is not a good option to travel the mountain. The Huayna Picchu trails are built between the mountain walls and huge cliffs that are visually terrifying.

7. What are the mountain trails like?

The mountain trails are made of stone steps built by the Incas. The most difficult section are the so-called ‘Stairs of death’ in Huayna Picchu. In some parts there are Inca platform systems and enclosures. Most of the stairs are steep and narrow.

8. When is the best time to travel the mountain?

The best time to travel the Huayna Picchu mountain occurs during the dry season (from April to October). However, during the rainy season (from November to March) you can visit the mountain with a lush and green landscape.

9. Can I visit Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu mountain the same day?

Machu Picchu Mountain is as challenging a hiking route as Huayna Picchu. Due to the difficulty of traveling these mountains, they must be traveled on different days.

10. Can I visit Huayna Picchu and Intipunku the same day?

The Intipunku is a hiking route to the old gateway to Machu Picchu. It is not as difficult as the Huayna Picchu but it does require considerable physical effort. Although it is possible to visit the Huayna Picchu mountain and the Intipunku the same day; This is not recommended due to the exhaustion of going to both destinations on the same day.

11. Can I buy tickets from my country?

The entrance tickets to the Huayna Picchu mountain can be purchased from anywhere in the world through the internet. You should only enter the website of the Ministry of Culture of Peru or an authorized tourism agency.

12. Are there discounts for university students?

Yes. University students have a special discount if they make the purchase with their current university card. The other requirements are: being under 25 at the time of your visit and taking undergraduate studies. Keep in mind that the only valid document is the university card. The ISIC card is not valid. Remember that Huayna Picchu also offers discounts for children under 18 and citizens of the Andean Community of Nations.

13. What slippers should I wear?

During the trek to Huayna Picchu it is recommended to wear hiking shoes. Remember that some sections of the mountain can be slippery so these types of shoes are ideal.

14. Can older adults go?

Although it is allowed to enter the mountain for older adults, it is recommended that elderly people consult their doctor before taking the walk. Especially those with heart problems.

15. How is the weather?

The climate of the Huayna Picchu mountain is cold and dry. Temperatures vary from 21ºC. (during the day) at 8ºC. (during the nights). There are two distinct times of the year: a) the dry season (from April to October) and b) the rainy season (from November to March).

16. What is the distance to climb Huayna Picchu?

From the starting point of the walk located inside Machu Picchu to the top of Huayna Picchu, you walk 2 kilometers (it is calculated that there are 2,000 steps).

17. Should I go to Huayna Picchu with a tour guide?

It is not mandatory to visit the Huayna Picchu mountain with a tour guide. Instead, touring the Inca city of Machu Picchu is mandatory in the company of a tour guide. You can hire one at the entrance door of Machupicchu.

18. What to bring in the backpack?

To visit the mountain it is recommended to bring water, snacks, poncho in case of rain, an extra pole, a photo camera, passport (or identity document) as well as toiletries. All of this should be in a backpack that helps keep your hands free during the walk.

19. How much does the ticket cost?

The official price of admission to Huayna Picchu is 200 Peruvian soles (approximately 62 US dollars). If you buy your ticket through a tourism agency, this price usually increases due to the commission for the purchase.

20. Is it very dangerous?

Many people believe that Huayna Picchu is dangerous. However, this is false. The most difficult sections of the walk are protected by safety laces. Along the way, there are security personnel in charge of taking care of the visitor.

Advice from people who have been there

Huayna Picchu

José SBy: José S

“Exciting and tiring“

“It's 2 hours of uphill walk, the views are incredible, love each step, the temple of the moon, the balconies, the 'stairs of death' and feel me over the clouds; I am used to walking, but still the stairs were a huge challenge, very exciting, we plan to return as soon as possible.“


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