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Huayna Picchu Mountain: hiking guide
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Hiking Guide Mountain Huayna Picchu

It is one of the most demanded hikes in the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu; this combined with income only 400 people per day are allowed, makes that people who want this experience, have to book well in advance. You walk along a path of vertigo that winds up to the top of the mountain, can be found Inca constructions such as tunnels, stairways and altars; the path of descent has one of the most unusual attractions in Machu Picchu, the aloof and mysterious Temple of the Moon.

How to find the point of entry?

From the gateway to Machu Picchu, it’s taken the lower path that sorround the site, This trail is located at the northern end of Machu Picchu, on the back of the Sacred Rock sector. The entry is clearly marked on the cabin control to the trailhead. The hike from the main gate of Machu Picchu to the trailhead Huayna Picchu, it takes between 15 to 20 minutes.

senderismo montaña de huayna Picchu
Way to the top of the Huayna Picchu Mountain

The Path

In the control cabin of the path you will be asked your name and the number of your identification (passport, studend id card, identity document); the path of Huayna Picchu, follows an undulating path for 15 or 20 minutes until a point where the trail splits. The upper path leads you to the top of Huayna Picchu Mountain, and the lower trail continues sorrounding the mountain until reach to a large cave, inside which you can find the famous Temple of the Moon, before a steep slope to the peak.


Short Path

In the division of the path, you will see a wooden sign indicating the direction to take to get to the top of Huayna Picchu; the upper path is a direct path to the top, following moderately challenging stretches with steep and sometimes slippery steps. At the top you will find a narrow rock tunnel, where you might have to walk on her hands and knees to pass; after a few minutes you will reach the rocky summit, where you will have some of the best panoramic views of the Inca City of Machu Picchu and the surrounding mountains.

The path continues along the top of the mountain, at this point you can find small buildings and agricultural terraces, and is a good place to take pictures and rest. A path descends from the top of the mountain by narrow steps and steep, before joining the original path by which he ascended the mountain. It takes about 60 minutes to return to the cabin of the guardian, but time will be greater if the stretch is congested or decide visit the Temple of the Moon at the time of descent.


Full Path

In the division of roads, to follow the lower path, you will have the opportunity to see the Temple of the Moon and then ascend to the top through a path that goes behind the mountain; or if ascended the direct path, once at the summit you can descend by the same path to reach the temple of the moon, before returning to the cottage caretaker.

Basically, the entire road is a big loop, which can be traveled in either direction. Perform the full path demands more time and energy, it can take up to three hours to three and a half hours in crossing, most people take the short way, then descend to the Temple of the Moon, which it is a wonderful addition to the standard hike to the mountain Huayna Picchu, not all people take the time to do it. If you are not sure where it is the road that descends from the top to the Tempo of the Moon, ask the park ranger who is sitting on top.  



Short path: Moderate difficulty.
The short trail can be done by most people and only requires a reasonable physical condition; this will take between 40 minutes and one hour, depending on the speed at which ascends; the walk is recommended for people 12 and older.

Full path: Challenging – moderate difficulty.
The full path is more demanding, not only because it takes longer, but also because the technical difficulty is greater, due to the geography of the mountain. At the top of the Temple of the Moon, there is a wooden staircase will have to pass and we are sure that you will remember it forever.


Useful information

  • Time required: Short path, 1h 20m – 2 hours. Full path, 3h 30m – 4 hours.
  • Altitude of the top: 2,693 m.a.s.l.
  • Height in relation to Machu Picchu: 353 meters.
  • Terrain: Inca stone path, grass and land trails (includes a long wooden staircase).
  • Footwear recommended: Lightweight hiking boots (never new)
  • Check in Times:
    • First Entry: 07:00 hrs. – 08:00 hrs.
    • Second Entry: 10:00 hrs. – 11:00 hrs.
  • Tickets: Limited to 400 entries per day, with 200 income in each group.
  • Ticket Type: The ticket to the mountain Huayna Picchu must be purchased as a combined entrance ticket (Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu), there is no way to buy it separately.


The best time to go

Between November and March the rainy season occurs, so there is a greater chance of rain, and the road may be more slippery and difficult. The entire region of the Sanctuary of Machu Picchu has a sub-tropical climate throughout the year; the average temperatures bordering 18 °C (64 °F). Moisture during the dry season is around 40 % – 45%, and can reach 60 % – 65 % during the wet season. Perform the walk early in the morning, it offers cooler temperatures, better sun shade and fewer people around. The other covers the dry season months, climatically is the best time to come, and it is also the peak tourist season.


Closing the Mountain Machu Picchu April 2016

The entrance to the Machu Picchu Mountain is suspended from 01 to 15 April, for conservation and restoration work.



The southern region in Peru, usually has unpredictable weather at any time of year, so you should be prepared for both rain and to the sun. Most of the road is done on stone paths, so the use of hiking shoes, lightweight and comfortable (never new) is recommended. It is also advisable to bring rain coat and sunscreen.



  • Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Insect repellent strong.
  • Rain coat.
  • Small snacks.
  • Identity card / Passport / Student Id Card.
  • Electronic ticket Machu Picchu printed (without this you can not enter Machu Picchu).
  • Camera.



The southern region in Peru, usually has unpredictable weather at any time of the year, so you must be prepared for both rain and for the sun. Most part of the route is done on stone paths, so the use of hiking shoes, lightweight and comfortable (never new) is recommended. It is also advisable to bring rain coat and sunscreen.



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