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The mountain of seven colors
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Ausangate: The Mountain of 7 Colors

We know that there are mountains and amazing hills all over the world, but whoever looks at the viewpoints of the Ausangate, you will discover the thousand colors that this unique mountain shows. A geological gem that is becoming very famous, very fast. Due to the incomparable nature of its landscapes, we do not doubt that soon this incredible mountain, known as the mountain of the 7 colors will be one of the most desired hiking routes in the world; The mountain AUSANGATE (VINICUNCA) is located to only 100 km of the city Cusco and is the 4th highest mountain of Peru, has no less than 6,372 meters of height; Its exposed minerals (iron oxides, copper sulphates and others) are shown to form an almost surrealistic image.

The Ausangate mountain

The Ausangate mountain is also known as Rainbow Mountain, Cerro Colorado or Rainbow Mountain by its English name. The geographical accident belongs to the snowy Ausangate in the mountain range of the Vilcanota, and has its highest point to 5,000 msnm The Incas believed that from this mountain was born the masculine energy that fertilizes the Pachamama (Mother Earth). In the mountain range of this mountain is born the Vilcanota river and flows into the Amazon.


The “Apu” Ausangate is for the Andean culture, giver of life and guardian of one of the most varied ecosystems in the world; Its name means “copper” in Quechua. When you are on this mountain, remember that it is sacred to local people; In fact, many of the nearby Andean communities still have dates of pilgrimage to the top of the mountain. Like the community of Chillca; Shepherds of llamas and alpacas, which have inherited Inca and pre-Inca cultural traditions. It is possible to share the pastors’ daily lives and work with the flames.


Mountain seven colors
Amazing! The mountain of 7 colors

How to get to the mountain of 7 colors?

Arco Iris mountain (Vinicunca) is located in the province of Quispicanchis in Cusco. You can get there by boarding a vehicle from Cusco to Pitumarca. The trip takes about 3 hours and goes along the road that leads from Cusco to Puno.


Once in Pitumarca you should go to the village of Ocefina (Chillca), from here you can start your walk towards the 7 Colors Mountain. After 4 hours, arrive at the village of Machuraccay, from here you can descend to the skirts of the mountain.

The hiking route through the Ausangate

The hike on Ausangate Mountain is incomparable; Not only because of the unique landscapes in the world, but because in addition to the mountain itself, the trails circulate alongside imposing glaciers and numerous lagoons, formed by snow melting snow in the Andes. It is a 4-day hike, and although you could do it on your own, the most recommended way to hike in Peru is through a travel agency.

Although it is not a dangerous walk, if you need to be in good shape and have the right equipment. You can choose to cross the normal road that goes on the south side of the mountain; This is the most difficult route, since in some stretches the climb requires almost vertical ice climbing. However, to give them the possibility of promotion to all people, new routes of lesser difficulty have been opened. The popularity of the mountain of seven colors goes up every day, you can take advantage now that you do not need any special permission, and that not many people know about it.

The most colorful mountain in the world is also the hiking trail of the moment.

Is it difficult to walk to the mountain of the 7 colors?

Depending on the path of ascent, this walk has sections with high degree of difficulty, reason why it is recommended to be in good form. The locals usually offer their horses for rent, prices range from S/ 30 to 80 soles (10 to 25 US $), this will depend on how long you want to ride the horse. On the other hand we remind you that you can find basic services, but very useful.


We know that most people arrive in Cusco in Peru to visit Machu Picchu; If you already know when you visit Machu Picchu, take some time to enjoy this unique mountain, we assure you that you will not regret it. If you still do not book the Machu Picchu tickets, do it soon; Remember that in some cases, tickets must be booked months in advance; Especially if he likes mountains.


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