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Andean Immigration Card
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The Andean Migrations Card (TAM) on its trip to Machu Picchu

The Andean Immigration Card (TAM) is a document that will be given to you when you enter any country of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN). It is a document of migratory control of obligatory use, that allows the entrance and exit of the territories of the countries of Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru (CAN); this allows a statistical migration control that helps to reinforce security. If on your trip to Machu in Peru, you enter by land, you will have to fill in the Andean Migration Card by hand; but if you enter Peru by air from a foreign country, you will arrive at Jorge Chavez International Airport; in it there are four biometric doors active, they capture your personal information directly from your passport and your travel tickets, this expedites the process of entry and exit of Peru and it will take less than a minute.

Andean Immigration Card
To enter Peru and visit Machu Picchu, in addition to your personal documents, will require the TAM

Why do you need the Andean Immigration Card to purchase the Machu Picchu tickets?

As service exporters, the state requires us to present the Andean Migration Card of all persons who contract our services; this to comply with the Peruvian tax and security rules in the Andean Community of Nations (CAN). For this reason, it is essential that you send us a copy or photograph of your Andean Immigration Card (TAM) after entering Peru. Make sure that the image you send is totally clear and readable, so you avoid having to repeat this action.

About the Virtual Andean Card

If you enter Peru by air, by Jorge Chavez International Airport (Lima)

If you arrived at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, Peru; after digitizing the information of the travel ticket and your passport, you will have the option to choose the purpose of your “tourism or business” trip, you must register your fingerprint and then the machine will record your image and issue a registration ticket ; thus the process concludes. All your information will be monitored by a migration inspector; it is a case of jumping the alert, this will be compared with the databases of migrations, national police of Peru and Interpol (international police).

Andean Virtual Migration Card
Identification document (passport) and Andean Immigration Card (TAM)

About the Andean Physical Card

If you enter Peru by land or by different airports to the Jorge Chávez International Airport (Lima)

If you enter Peru by land, for example: Tacna, Puno, Tumbes, etc., or by airports other than Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima, you will have to fill out the Andean Migrations Card (TAM) by hand.

Here you can download the format of the Andean Immigration Card:

After downloading the format of the Andean Migration Card, fill it in correctly; this will prevent you from wasting valuable time in immigration offices; so you only have to show the format filled, to be stamped and validated by the migration staff.

Remember that the Andean Migrations Card (TAM) is only valid with the stamp of the migration office of the place where you enter the country, and that you need it to move through the Andean Community of Nations (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia).

Andean Migrations card manual format
TAM format to be filled manually, must be sealed when entering and leaving Peru

Necessary documents to reserve the ticket Machu Picchu

These are the documents that you will need to send to reserve tickets for entry to Machu Picchu:

  • When booking Machu Picchu tickets

    • Foreigners: Copy of passport
    • Andean Community of Nations: Copy of passport or identity document
  • At the moment of entering Peru

    • All people without exception: “Andean Card of Migrations”

All documents must be sent to indicating the date that will enter Perú.

Privacy policies

All the information you provide, when filling out the reservation form and the documents you send us, is used exclusively for the reservation of tickets to Machu Picchu, and is protected by powerful security software. Review our terms and conditions.

Documents to access a discount on the price of admission tickets to Machu Picchu

The following people can get a discount on the price of their tickets to Machu Picchu

  • Students: Copy of your passport or identity document and copy of your University Student Card (with current validity date).
  • Minors between 8 and 17 years old: it will suffice with a copy of your passport or DNI (identity document) as appropriate, and the Andean Immigration Card after entering Peru.
  • Children under 8 years old: they do not pay for the ticket Machu Picchu, but they must present their passport at the entrance to Machu Picchu.


Advice from people who have been there

Machu Picchu

Amton LBy: Amton L

“Time Stops at Machu Picchu“

“No matter how much you tell or see on the internet, you can not get the idea of this wonderful place, but when you are there, time stops and you can imagine everything that happened in that city of the fifteenth century. And of the energy not to speak, you have to feel it.“


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