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Cusco Festivities
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The festivities of Cusco

Cusco was the ancient capital of the Incas. Today, throughout June, the city lives its most intense days and where the population and visitors can enjoy various shows. The main day is June 24, the date on which the world famous Inti Raymi takes place.

Cusco celebrates the famous Inti Raymi festival every June 24th. In addition, that month is the religious festival of Corpus Christi. You can also appreciate a dance show, music and much more. Everything takes place in June, the jubilee month of Cusco.

What are the jubilee parties of Cusco?

  • The Jubilee festivities of Cusco is a series of celebrations that take place every year, mainly in June.
  • During the holidays there are a lot of activities like: the religious festival of Corpus Christi, the Inti Raymi celebration (Fiesta del Sol) as well as parades, dance shows, music and much more.
  • The celebrations take place from May and end in July. However, most festive and cultural activities take place in June.
Inca in the Inti Raymi
The Inca arriving at the fortress of Sacsayhuaman for staging the Inti Raymi

Main activities of the celebrations of Cusco

The launch of the jubilee month of Cusco

  • Usually the launch of the Jubilee festivities of Cusco is done from some highlight scenario of Inca Cusco.
  • In recent years this show was performed in the Coricancha (Temple of the Sun) .
  • In this event numerous artists are summoned, who perform various rituals and which is presided by the Inca, his wife and his royal entourage.

Ceremony of offering to the Pachamama

  • It is a ceremony that takes place on the first Sunday of June and is celebrated in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco.
  • The tribute to Pachamama (the goddess of the earth) is the formal beginning of the festivities of Cusco and is carried out in order to invoke the good development of the festivities.
  • It is a free event and where the local population and tourists participate.

Folk parades

  • Throughout the Jubilee Month, the various institutions of Cusco dress in typical multicolored costumes to represent indigenous dances of the Andes.
  • The dance show is a show that can be enjoyed freely in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco.
  • In Cusco there are many dances such as: a) the Cusco carnival, b) the turkuy, c) the wallata dance, d) the ukukus dance, e) the goldfinches and much more.
Parade in the foundations of Cusco
Citizens of Cusco paying homage with parades and parades

Civic parades

  • The different public and private institutions of Cusco carry out civic parades during the Jubilee Month.
  • The central day occurs on a Sunday at the end of the month when a civic parade takes place in the Plaza de Armas of the city.
  • During the parades, the audience will be able to enjoy bands that perform different songs, including traditional songs from Cusco.

Q’eswachaka Bridge

  • The town of Quehue in the province of Canas conserves one of the oldest traditions of Peru. This is the renovation ceremony of the Inca suspension bridge known as ‘Q’eswachaka’ .
  • This characteristic bridge of the Inca period is renewed annually by the inhabitants through a festive ceremony. It is considered the last Inca bridge used until today: it crosses the Apurímac River.
  • The renovation of the ‘Q’eswachaka’ bridge is celebrated the second week of June. There are tours of 1 or 2 days. However, it is also possible to travel on your own with public transport (approximately 3 hours by car).

Corpus Christi

  • The Corpus Christi is a religious celebration that coincides with the festivities of Cusco . It is a festival in which the main saints and virgins of the city are taken in procession to the Cathedral of Cusco.
  • The celebration has its origin from the Inca time when the mummies of the Inca rulers were carried on the city. This tradition was replaced by saints and virgins when the Spanish conquest occurred.
  • Currently the celebration is colorful and full of faith: dances and food fairs are held . The central celebration takes place some Thursday in June (movable date) with the entrance in procession of all the saints to the Cathedral of Cusco.
Departure of the Saints in Corpus Christi
Departure of the Saints to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco in Corpus Christi

The ritual ceremony of the Inti Raymi

  • The festival of the Sun was one of the main celebrations that took place in the Inca empire. It is commemorated on June 24, when the winter solstice occurs on the planet.
  • Currently it is celebrated with a gigantic representation of the Inca festivities in 3 scenarios: the Plaza de Armas, the Coricancha Temple and the Sacsayhuaman Fortress.
  • The main ceremony takes place in Sacsayhuaman where the Inca summons the representatives of the four of them to worship the Inca and the sun with a dance and music show.
  • The entrance to the Inti Raymi shows in the Plaza de Armas and Coricancha are free while the entrance to the Sacsayhuaman show is buying an entrance or a tour.
Inca in the celebrations of Cusco
Stage of the Inti Raymi in the celebrations of Cusco

Night of lights and sound

  • Days before June 24, the festival of lights and sound is held in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, which is characterized by a fireworks show and a music show with various musical groups.
  • The night of lights and sound is a free show to the visitors of all the countries as well as to the Peruvians themselves.

Kacharpari of the Festivities of Cusco

  • In July, after the celebration of the jubilee month of Cusco, the festivities are dismissed with a dance and music show known as the ‘Kacharpari’ (farewell party) .
  • The traditional Kacharpari is celebrated with a show of dances, musical bands, food fairs and more.

If you want to visit the Inti Raymi during the Jubilee festivities of Cusco; Acquire your tour or ticket in advance. If you want to visit Machu Picchu, you must also purchase your tour or ticket in advance. The ticket to Huayna Picchu needs to be purchased 3 months before.

What is Machu Picchu like in June?

  • June coincides with the high season of tourism in Machu Picchu. That month the Inca City is visited by a greater number of visitors with respect to the rest of the year.
  • To visit Machu Picchu in the Jubilee month you must purchase a tour or the entrance ticket to Machu Picchu in advance.

Advice from people who have been there


Giovanny SBy: Giovanny S

“Cusco es una fiesta“

“I visited Cusco in June and I was able to enjoy all the rich culture they have. There was music and dancing through the streets, all typical. But the day I went to see the Inti Raima I was surprised with the show, it gives you an idea of how the Incas were and their great culture. Everything Cusco is a party and there was no day that passes, without having seen something spectacular, I recommend it totally.“


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