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The funeral rock in Machu Picchu
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Funerary Rock in Machu Picchu

The City of Machu Picchu, is presented as one of the most advanced cities of its time, this is the reason why their beliefs are tightly embedded in each and every one of its corners. Worship different deities, and worship the gods through sacred rituals, besides the representation of its culture, in its carved and images scattered throughout the city, show that Machu Picchu was a sacred place for the people who inhabited place, civilization that saw itself, closer to their gods, from this sanctuary located in the Andes.

Everything indicates that Machu Picchu was built to house exclusively, to the highest echelons of the aristocracy in the social scale of Andean civilization, by which, it was possible to explain the continual celebrations which were held in the Sacred City with both aspects religious and civic-social; sacred rituals to increase the fertility of their cropland, prayers to invoke different weather events, celebrations for the arrival of the warm seasons, ceremonies and sacrifices in honor of the various Inca deities.

roca funeraria de Machu Picchu
Roca Funeraria de Machu Picchu

The Inca Civilization exercised the practice of many disciplines; some of them as important as, astrology, meteorology, architecture or medicine, they have been able to understand thanks to their different structures, symbols and buildings, closely relate to the disciplines mentioned above. The Funerary Rock is one of these important symbols for this civilization, which is what we now know as the practice of forensic medicine, this civilization practiced the conservation of killed by mummification.

The Funerary Rock is located in the agricultural sector of the city, it took its name from different assumptions of the expert community, which, after many discoveries of graves with human remains, so they baptized it this way. The rock represents symbolically, the entrance to the cemetery in the city of Machu Picchu. Its proximity to the cemetery gave him the character of idol, it is estimated that the area you are in, should have come to welcome the conclusion of a large number of funerary rituals and housing religious offerings in the city.

The archaeological remains found nearby, were able to explain that the design of the Funerary Rock was made to serve as a chapel or sanctuary of the Machu Picchu City. Because presents the common elements of such types of buildings. You can see a series of steps that make up a small staircase, and the existence of a large ring.

Due to its funeral character, the building was intended for the mummification process through the drying process before being embalmed corpses. However, other studies have tried to explain that the Funeral Rock also had a close relationship with the study of the cosmos and the stars, in particular, the sun, then, as the light of this impacted on her during the hibernal season, a phenomenon that could have been part of the religious beliefs of this civilization.


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