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ISIC card to buy Boleto Machu Picchu
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ISIC Card to buy Ticket Machu Picchu

¡¡ATTENTION!!The ISIC Card is NO LONGER VALID to buy the Machu Picchu Ticket with a discount for students.
Now students can access this benefit with the UNIVERSITY STUDENT CARD from the university where they study, this document being the only one valid for this purpose. For more information visit the following link: Obtain the student discount by booking the Machu Picchu ticket with the student card of your university.

The ISIC Card or International Student Card is very important, because with this obtains 50% discount on your Ticket Machu Picchu.


What is the ISIC?

The ISIC Card, is the most important accreditation document, that have the students from schools, colleges (technical degree not less than two years), universities, pre or post graduate, remain valid in more than 127 countries.

The validity of the ISIC card varies according to corporate agreements with educational institutions in each country; They are usually 16 months.

History: The ISIC Card was created in 1953 and since then has become a must for any student of the world. The evolution of international Carnet has provided access to a range of discounts and benefits; today it is the only document that certifies you as a student.

Benefits: The ISIC Card provides students from all over the world, to have support, discounts and benefits; and a series of benefits linked to education, allows you to access national and international tickets at special prices.


ISIC card valid ticket machu picchu
Valid student card or ISIC


How do I get it?

It can be requested in the offices authorized of your country or via the Internet through its web page, filling out the application on the screen where you have to put your personal information such as complete name, name of School, date of birth, identity card number, etc; and also attaching scanned documents requested. And in less than 1 week you will have your ISIC Card (variable time according to the country).


  • Being a student older than, 12 years.
  • Be enrolled in an educational institution
  • Present Simple Copy of the Current Document, certifying that is a student.
  • Copy of Identity Document (DNI for Peruvians, passport for foreigners)
  • Voucher bank deposit, of the corresponding payment.
  • Color photo, passport size.
  • File of request, which have quality affidavit.


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