Ticket Huayna Picchu 2017
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Huayna Picchu Ticket 2017

The trek to the top of the Huayna Picchu is the most demanded in the Inca City of Machu Picchu, it can be accessed with the Ticket Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu. The trail winds up from a cabin at the foot of the mountain, to the top, beside huge cliffs, with some of the most impressive views of the Inca City; Here you can find the Temple of the Moon, built inside a natural cave, is one of the most amazing structures of Machu Picchu.

Mountain Huayna Picchu
Huayna Picchu

How far in advance should the Boleto Huayna Picchu be booked?

To obtain one of the tickets Huayna Picchu for the date and the group that he wishes, these must be reserved with 6 months of anticipation; although it can reserve tickets Huayna Picchu of last moment even with 4 months of anticipation, but it will have to be adapted to the dates and available remaining schedules.

How to buy the ticket Huayna Picchu 2017?

  1. Check the availability calendar (6 months before), choose the ticket Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu, the group, and the date you want to enter Machu Picchu and climb the mountain Huayna Picchu.

  3. Book the Ticket Machu Picchu and pay for it; The reservation is valid only for 2 hours, of not paying the ticket at this time, the reservation will be canceled. If you need more help, you can visit How to book the Boleto Machu Picchu?

Important information about the Huayna Picchu Ticket

  • Avoid reserving the ticket Machu Picchu for the first days of the year

    Unless you have very good reasons to book the Huayna Picchu Ticket for the first or the first days of January, we recommend that you do not do so. Why? There are only 400 tickets and there are “many” people who want to spend the last day of the year in Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu – town), and climb the first day of the new year to the top of the mountain; However, availability 2017 is released 24 hours before January 1, which causes thousands of people to battle online for one of these tickets.

  • Ask for the discount for ISIC students and minors

    Students with an ISIC card and minors (12 – 17 years old) have the option of buying the Ticket Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu  with a discount on the price. If you access a discount, please contact us at info@boletomachupicchu.com.

  • Secure your Huayna Picchu Tickets

    Get your Tickets Huayna Picchu  first, then you’ll have enough time to buy train tickets, book hotels and check out additional tours. If you wish we can take care of your entire travel itinerary.

  • Huayna Picchu Ticket Restrictions

    Only people over 12 years old can ascend to the top of the Huayna Picchu mountain; And although it is advisable to be in good physical condition, we also know that reaching the top, it is more about the desire to see Machu Picchu from above, than from his physical or age. However, if you suffer from vertigo or panic to the heights, we recommend to see other hiking options, such as the Ticket Machu Picchu + Mountain.

  • On entering Machu Picchu

    When you enter Machu Picchu you will be asked to show the printed ticket, along with your passport or the document with which you made the reservation, it must be original and valid, otherwise you will not be allowed to enter Machu Picchu.

  • How do you enter the Huayna Picchu Mountain?

    The entrance point to the mountain Huayna Picchu is located within the Inca city of Machu Picchu, very close to the Sacred Rock, and can not be entered separately.

  • More about the Huayna Picchu ticket

    In the tips section you will find lots of information on how to carry out the trek to Huayna Picchu.

For more information about prices, discounts or any questions you may have about the Huayna Picchu Ticket, please contact us at info@boletomachupicchu.com.


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