Tour Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain Full Day + Buffet Breakfast and Lunch

Tour Montaña Colores Palcoyo
Tour Montaña Colores Palcoyo
Tour Montaña Colores Palcoyo
Tour Montaña Colores Palcoyo
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Tour Palcoyo 7 Colors Mountain
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The mountain of colors of Palcoyo is an excellent alternative option to the difficult hike to the 7-color mountain 'el Vinicunca'. Palcoyo offers a similar landscape but within a 30 minute walk. This tour is recommended for everyone, even older adults or children.

Colibri Machupicchu Terra Operated by Machupicchu Terra

Visit the 7 colors mountain of Palcoyo, the best option to the classic route through the 7 colors mountain (the Vinicunca). This route offers landscapes of mountains of various colors located almost 5 thousand meters above sea level. The walk there is easy, horses are not required as optional transport. The tour includes everything you need for the trip: pick up, complete transportation, breakfast, lunch, entrance fees and professional guide. The trip is organized by Machupicchu Terra, a leading tourism agency in Cusco.

  • Tour time: 14 hours.
  • Tour guide service in English or Spanish.
  • Pick up service from the door of your hotel.
  • Transportation throughout the service.
  • Easy payment with Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.
  • Immediate confirmation.
  • Breakfast and lunch included.
  • Complies with all protocols.

The tour to the new mountain of colors in Cusco!

What does the tour include?

The tour includes everything you need for a pleasant trip: pick up from the hotel, full transportation, breakfast, lunch, entrance fees, and a professional tour guide. Thus the tourist will not have to make queues or additional payments. Enjoy the trip!

What are the prices?

The prices are cheap and according to market rates. Tourists can also choose the option of a private tour by contacting us at Find out the prices and go on the trip of your life!

How is the itinerary?

The tour begins at around 4 am in the city of Cusco with the pick up and trip to Palcoyo. On the way you have breakfast and lunch at local restaurants. After the visit to the mountain, you return to Cusco at around 6 pm. Everything is included!.

Included in the tour

Before the closure of the famous mountain of 7 colors (the Vinicunca), tourists visit Palcoyo, the new mountain of the 7 colors of Cusco. The tour to this destination includes everything you need to enjoy the beautiful mountainous landscape of Cusco: pick up, transportation, breakfast, lunch, tour guide service, and much more.

Pick up and complete transport

The tour begins with the visitor's pick up at their hotel. The transport service is permanent throughout the trip. It takes us to Palcoyo and returns us to the city of Cusco. At some points you can make stops at alternative tourist places.

Breakfast and lunch en route

During the trip we will make a stop to enjoy a nutritious breakfast on the outward journey. The same in the return section to Cusco. Both breakfast and lunch are in recommended restaurants in the south of Cusco. Enjoy!.

Professional guide and entrance fees

The tour to Palcoyo includes the service of a professional tour guide at all times (in Spanish or English). It also includes the entrance to the rainbow mountain. Thus, the tourist will not need to make any queue or additional payment during the service.

That I will see?

The Mountain of the 7 Colors of Palcoyo stands out for the beauty of its mountainous landscapes. During this tour, the visitor will also be able to appreciate the beautiful landscapes of the Andes Mountains. There are many opportunities to be photographed with alpacas. The hiking trail is short. The tour is recommended for people of all ages.

inca bridge checacupe

Inca bridge

During the tour the tourist can stop to appreciate the Inca bridges of Checacupe or Combapata. Both offer a spectacular view steeped in history.

Llama in Palcoyo

Andean camelids

During the trip and the walk to Palcoyo, the tourist will be able to take photos and see the beauty of the Andean camelids, especially the alpaca, famous for its soft and fine fur.

Palcoyo Mountain Colors

Palcoyo's mountain

Palcoyo is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Cusco. There are up to three viewpoints where you can observe the beauty of its mountain colors. It is as incredible as the Vinicunca!

Is it a recommended tour for people of all ages?

The Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour is recommended for people of all ages, from young children to seniors. Of course, it is advisable to spend two or three days before in Cusco. Thus the visitor will better acclimatize to the high altitude of the Andes Mountains. One day before the tour avoid alcoholic beverages and greasy foods.


These are the prices of the tour to the 7 colors mountain of Palcoyo with an all-included Full Day tour:

All Included Service Full Day Rainbow Mountain of PalcoyoPrice in US dollars
Price43.00 USD

Itinerary of the 7 Colors Mountain Tour of Palcoyo Full Day

The tour begins with the tourist's pick up at their hotel in the historic center of the city. Then you travel for 4 hours south to the community of Palcoyo. The visit is simple, you don't need to walk a lot. The return follows the same route. Both on the way out and on the return, a stop is made to have breakfast and lunch respectively. The tour ends in the city of Cusco.

1 Pick up from Cusco and travel to Cusipata with buffet breakfast

  1. The tour begins with the pick up of the tourist at the door of his hotel between 4.30 and 5 in the morning. Then the road trip takes place on the southern route.
  2. After approximately 2 hours of route, we arrive at the outskirts of the town of Cusipata. There we will enjoy a buffet breakfast with Andean ingredients.

2 Travel from Cusipata to Palcoyo and visit with a professional guide

  1. The trip continues passing through the Inca bridge of Checacupe (visit on the outbound or return leg).
  2. After a trail ride, and after almost 2 hours, we arrive at the community of Palcoyo. There, together with the professional guide, you must take a short walk (approximately 1 hour) to the viewpoint sector.
  3. In the mountain of colors of Palcoyo we will be able to take the best possible photos. We will also have the option of visiting the stone forest.

3 Lunch and return to the city of Cusco

  1. After the visit to Palcoyo it is time to return on foot to the minivan. Then we return to the restaurant in the town of Cusipata where we will enjoy a buffet lunch.
  2. After the delicious lunch, the return trip to the city of Cusco is made, where the tour ends at around 6 in the afternoon.

Difference with the Mountain 7 Colors the Vinicunca

The 7 colors mountain of Palcoyo is the best option if the route to the famous 7 colors mountain of Vinicunca is not available. In addition, Palcoyo offers a less demanding route, with equally incredible views and unique experiences. Get to know some details that differentiate both adventures.

lower altitude

Palcoyo is located at approximately 4,900 meters above sea level. This is an altitude of up to 300 meters lower than the Vinicunca (located at 5,200 meters above sea level). Thus the symptoms of altitude sickness are also less intense.

Very easy hike

The demanding 5-kilometre trek in Vinicunca in sections of ups and downs is not similar in the case of the Palcoyo mountain. The walk there is easier. Only 1 kilometer is traveled on average. The route takes 40 minutes at most. Highly recommend to everyone!.

Don't need horses

As the walk through Palcoyo is less intense, it is not necessary to hire horses to complete it. That's a saving on the tour and a relief for all tourists fearful of the difficulty of the route. Palcoyo is like a walk through the high mountains of Cusco. Even children and older adults can do it.

Why do tourists like Palcoyo so much?

Palcoyo is an option that few tourists knew about but that is causing great interest. The reason? This mountain has a beauty similar to the 7 colors mountain of Vinicunca. However, it is not necessary to take such a long and difficult walk to appreciate its landscape. Palcoyo is a route full of beautiful landscapes, kind people and llamas to take pictures of. Get to know her and you will see!

Tour Benefits

By choosing this tour you benefit from the option to cancel or change the tour date. The trip is organized by Machupicchu Terra, a serious tourism agency that offers the best benefits for its clients. Communication is constant and transparent. Travel with the best!

Authorized agency with constant communication

The Palcoyo mountain tour offers you permanent communication. You can contact us by phone at 084 – 207064 or email

Option to cancel or change the tour date

In case of any unforeseen event, you can cancel the tour. You only have to do it at least 3 days in advance.The procedure has an economic penalty. The same in the case of changing the tour date. The request is sent to

Secure service

All of our tour guides have first aid knowledge. At Machupicchu Terra we care that the tourist enjoys the trip but in complete safety. You can travel safely with us.

Frequent Questions

These are some of the main questions asked by clients interested in visiting the rainbow mountain in Palcoyo. Do you have questions? You can write to us at or call us at 084 – 207064.

  • 1) Is the Vinicunca open?

    Yes. For almost two years, the Vinicunca was closed. Given this, the mountain of Palcoyo was the alternative that most tourists decided to visit. Today both mountains are highly recommended tourist destinations.

  • 2) Are there bathrooms in Palcoyo?

    Yes. The residents of Palcoyo installed bathrooms during the journey to the mountain. These services cost 1 Peruvian sol (0.3 USD).

  • 3) Is there a horseback riding service in Palcoyo?

    No. Unlike the Vinicunca, the walk in Palcoyo is easy. For this reason, there are no residents offering the transfer on horseback.

  • 4) Is Palcoyo dangerous?

    No. The route to Palcoyo is much safer since the walk is short on flat roads. It is still recommended to walk carefully and spend 3 days in Cusco before (better adaptation to the altitude). The route is recommended for people of all ages.

  • 5) What to bring to the tour?

    During the tour, do not forget to take a poncho with you in case of rain, comfortable sports clothing that protects you from the cold, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, a cap (or hat), medical alcohol and, if you think you need it, walking sticks walks.

  • 6) How high is Palcoyo?

    The rainbow mountain of Palcoyo is approximately 4,900 meters above sea level. This altitude can cause discomfort. However, most tourists can get over it with a good night's sleep (no alcohol or greasy food).

  • 7) I don't exercise regularly? Can I do the tour?

    Yeah! The hike to the rainbow mountain in Palcoyo is easy. You don't need to be an expert mountaineer. On average, it takes 40 minutes maximum to complete. Lose care!

  • 8) At what times of the year is Palcoyo full of snow?

    At any time of the year, especially on rainy days (January, February and March); the mountains of Palcoyo may be covered in snow. This prevents getting photos with its various colors. It's actually a matter of luck.

  • 9) How is breakfast and lunch on the tour?

    Breakfast and lunch take place in towns along the route (mainly in Checacupe). These consist of regional foods rich in protein. Both are buffet style.

  • 10) Does the tour include a cancellation option?

    Yes. You can cancel your tour with a last term of 3 days before. The cancellation has a penalty of 25% of the value of the service (refund of 75%).